Monday, 3 October 2016

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Experience #1

Friends I waited for somebody to keep post like this but no one kept now I have joined TCS Chennai on 22nd sept and I will share my experience

Initially on day one while entering the gate they gave temporary id card in which we have to stick our photo and security will make a stamp on it, then only we are allowed inside. 

After that they made us to sit in auditorium which was on seventh floor of building.the building was really nice that it contains 4 lifts even though not sufficient.

Our batch was almost 365 people including all streams. The auditorium was really excellent with three projectors and two big Samsung TVs.

While entering auditorium they have a big envelope cover which contains a 100 stamp paper and a notepad with a pen.After that there was hr introduction. He said everything about company later after about half an hour he asked us to arrange the documents which he says according and place them in that envelop and we should submit to them. now listed care fully the documents the said was divided in to three sets

1. (a)service agreement in which you and your surety sign must be present
(b)Surety verification form (attested)/attested surety passport 
(c) surety pan card attested
(d) surety proof of income (attested).

Note : service agreement need not be notarised

(e) medical certificate

2. (a) 10th marks and grade sheet(only original no Xerox needed)
(b) inter/diploma marks and grade sheet(only original no Xerox needed)
(c) provisional certificate(only original no Xerox needed)
(d) all mark sheets of original no Xerox needed)(no problem if you have back logs you have to complete by your final semester)
(e) condolence marks memo is not mandatory

3. (a) non criminal affidavit need to be notarised


After that hr took that forms and later there are several sessions on health,security,library etc all departments came and told about their importanin TCS each one hour class full boooring. And final class is taken by ilp head full bored.he said about IRA and other things one clarification he gave that even though you fail in ira1 there will be no reschedule but you have to write it once again the training will be as usual he said they will give 3 chances after that he said nothing about it max everybody comletes in first attempt or else nothing more than that.

And finally most awaited bank accounts were given for us we got standard chartered bank which was very nice no transaction fee for transactions from other bank ATMs any number of times non chargeable credit card etc more offers.we have to carry XEROX copy of proof and one photo for it.

And at the end I,e around 6:30 hr came and said about IRA 1 and IRA 2 will be conducted tomorrow 7:00 am sharp up to 10 am

Day 2 :

At 7:00 we reached campus and took computers assigned to us no seating arrangement we can sit where ever we want.

Frankly saying that I too got tensed about IRA before it was conducted. now I got realised that IRA 1 is damn easy even non cs student can answer easily only aspire topics not more than that.mainly they asked about joins,fullforms,stacks,queue,testing,htms,css,busses etc.IRA1 CONTAINS 40 questions 45 mins (more than enough) you have to keep 22 questions correctly to pass.

Don't worry it's very easy than you expect

IRA 2 The toughest exam no one can answer even 5questions correctly except experts,but don't worry no cut off for that every one will get negative marks can completely leave it

After that we went to auditorium again no one came till 1:00 after that lunch break after returning they gave verified documents which we gave yesterday and kept around 40 people on hold and gave them alternate ideas to solve finally they gave ID CARDS at the end if the day and Said timings which we have to attend from Monday

For Java and assurance 1:35 pm-7:45pm

For Unix, .Net, BIPM , Mainframes etc 7:00am-1:30pm and that's all for these two days