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 #Jobber Notification : 


1. Service agreement on Rs. 100 stamp paper (no need of notary)

2. Surety verification form

3. Non criminal affidavit on 100rs stamp paper (all pages notarized)

4. Medical certificate (as close as possible to your joining date, but no issues even it is not)

5. Birth affidavit - If you birth certificate is in your local language, 100rs stamp paper and should get notarized

6. Gap affidavit - If you have break in you study, 100rs stamp paper and should get notarized

7. Other affidavits are also available if there is any conflict in like adress, fathers name (In case he is referred by other names) @ 20rs stamp paper and get notarized

8. Passport - If you do not have passport, you should atleast have applied for it and get acknowledge form (they generally allow even if you dont have)

9. They ask to bring two attested copies for each certificates and cards, but we submit ine set here.


1. TCS provide accommodation and its mandatory to stay wherever they provide. They are good and also depends in the location.

2. HRA (Rs. 3880) will be deducted from the salary

3. Internet on your own

4. Cot, bed, pillow, bed sheet, blanket will be available


1. You can have food Morning & Afternoon in office Cafeteria

2. You can have food Night in Hostel canteen

3. Every time you eat, you have to pay, I men they are not like college histel mess

Food culture depends on the location you will get


1. Day 1 _ Welcome, Introduction to TCS & Document verification

2. Day 2 _ Document verification & some presentations

3. Day 3 _ Training starts

4. Day 4 _ Training

5. Day 5 _ PAT and IRA (may be on next monday)

If you forget any document, don't panic. Things goes as cool as you are. They will give you chance to submit pending dicuments till the end of ILP

PAT (Pre Assessment Test) :

1. Online test on ASPIRE material

2. 36 or 40 MCQ, I don't remember

3. Marks will be given & Simple marking

4. If you have very good score in ASPIRE and perform very bad in PAT, there is a chance of reschedule

IRA (Initial Readiness Test) :

1. Online test on tech lounge material

2. Marks and percentile will be given

3. Complex marking (Question may have multiple answers, marks will be given for each correct answer you checked, marks will be deducted for each correct answer you didn't hecked, marks will be deducted for each wrong answer you checked)

This score wont affect in any way, so don't worry much about it


1. Follow the attire guidelines given on nextstep portal

2. Shave everyday, polish your shoes everyday

3. Tie is must on every Wednesday

4. Business casuals on Friday (You can also wear formal dress as everyday)

5. Do not use mobile inside learning rooms during diagnostic exams.

Ahemedabad and Trivandrum ILP above points are strictly followed


1. Its not 100% that you will be given the same stream as in your tech lounge

2. Training for Biz Skills

3. There are two types of training for technical stream

1. Virtual training

Faculty will be there, but you will interact with them online

Daily tasks & weekly online tests

2. Faculty lead training

For those who get SAP as their stream, faculty will come to learning room and teach

No daily/weekly tests

Oracle people have both (some days that & some days this)


1. Just don't guess your locations & be prepared to hear any location so that you will not get depressed after getting your base locations.

2. If you are lucky enough, you will get but don't wait for them to get announced. HR will take his own time to announce.


1. You will be released from ILP after 60 working days. For example I have joined on 23rd June and getting released on 16th September

2. If you get posted in the same location a where you get trained, you will have to report next day; otherwise, next Monday

3. They will reimburse 2nd AC train charge from your training location to your base location

4. 3 days accommodation will be provided or 3000/- will be given to you if you get 2nd , 3rd or no preference


1. It's approx 13k in hand in training & 22k - 23k after getting into job


1. Learn conceptually (whatever you do, know why you are doing that)

2. Use weekends & explore tourist spots near your ILP location

3. You can make friends with different people from all over the country

4. Have fun in both learning and enjoying

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