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It's a kind of exam, Initial Readiness Assessment to test your readiness for the Initial Learning

Program. Right after some days of your placement, you all have to take the Aspire course which is a mandatory online course conducted by TCS. It is for the freshers to make them aware of the basics of Computer science & Information Technology and a little but enough about TCS also. 

After getting joining letters, Tech Lounge is also allocated to you which is basically the stream in which you will have your training.

So, to know how much basic technical knowledge you have grasped through the courses and how able you have been to make yourself fit for the training program, IRA is conducted immediately after the joining.

Pattern of IRA (Initial Readiness Assessment) :

According to Aspire and Tech lounge, IRA has been divided into two parts, IRA 1 and IRA 2.

What is IRA 1 ?

It will be held on the very first day of your ILP. It is completely based on Aspire material. There will be total 40 questions with total marks as 100 and time limit of 30 mins. One good news is that there is no negative marking in this part. Cut off would be 55 out of 100 most probably. 

There might be some changes in cut off. Questions will be very basic. It is possible that you can get questions as it is from Aspire. 

So no need to worry. Once go through all the chapters provided in the aspire before joining date. And that would be enough for getting passed in the exam. Those who get marks 52.5, will be given one more chance to clear the test and save himself/herself from reschedule. 

Yes, reschedule... Those who are not fortunate to clear the test, will be rescheduled for the next upcoming batch.

So prepare well because if you are not able to cross the required cut off, you will be put to reschedule your ILP.

What is IRA 2 ?

This part of IRA will be held on the next day( second day). Basically it is based on Tech lounge you've got. But there will be questions out of course too. It can be related to anything like HTML, assembly language code and some oracle database functions etc. 

No need to worry at all, because there is no cut off in this test. It will have 30 questions with time limit of 75 mins. There is negative marking in it so don't use guessing method. Level of the questions would be quite difficult as well.

Pattern would be like this... lengthy questions will be there... All the questions can have 1 to 3 answers correct out of 5 means there may be multiple right answers. If you wisely choose the most appropriate answers, the difficulty level increases for the next question. I think you got it.

If you don't choose the right answer the next question will be easier and vice versa.

But you cannot skip more questions in case you don't know the right one. If you do well in the test and get selected, you will be put in DIFFERENTIAL batch after having some interview process. 

You will be put in the immediate previous batch with same tech lounge. And you will complete your ILP 15 days prior to your own allocated batch. Hence you have chance to fast forward your ILP and complete the training within 50 days instead of 60.

It is likely to get your first preferred location as your base branch if you perform well in the IRA 2. Now, as you know it is a mandatory process for all of you to take IRA. So don't be afraid of it and prepare well for the day.

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