Tuesday, 23 August 2016

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This information is based on students who took training in ILP Hyderabad which started in July 2016.

1. Batch - July (of year 2016)

2. Deg - B.Tech in CSE (2016 passout)

3. Domain - ITIS

4. Aspire Completion - Apr 6, 2016

5. Miles - 3600

6. ILP Location - Hyderabad

7. ITIS ILP Duration - 24 days

8. Holidays - Sat, Sun

9. Timings - 7:30 AM to 5 PM, or, 9 AM to 6:30 PM (9 hrs)

10. Break - Two 15mins break, and a 1hour break for lunch.

11. Access - You will get Ultimatix + ion + zimbra (Dont ask questions on these in comments plz)

12. For getting Salary - Update Salary bank Account Number+ PAN card details+ address+ marital status on ULTIMATIX portal (must before 20th of the month, else you wont get paid


1. ILP is an extension of our college lives, full on fun.

2. ILP divided into - Technical and Bizskill (Business skills, Professional Grooming). Its a virtual training on ION, but instructors are there for both

3. In ILP main focus is given on Bizskill part

1. Bizskill - pre + post assessments on speaking n writing skills

2. Technical - few assessments (mainly on hardware, windows 7, windows server, networking basics + advnced + ITIL) and final PRA(this is the main test of 100 marks)

4. Pass % in Any Assessment - 65%. If one fails to get pass percentage in either bizskill post assessment(speaking+writing) or technical(PRA exam) he/she wil be in Lap for 15 days duration, that means, their ILP extends for 15 days.

In every batch, per say, of 100, on an average, they keep 10 guys in Lap for bizskills. "No one gets lap for technical. " Yes :D

5. ILP = 2℅ study + 98% enjoyment and interaction

To be honest, nothing is taught in ilp. Because, its not possible to get trained on all these technologies in just precise 20 odd days. You just have to skim through ion ppts n videos in class n bore yourself to death.

If in Bizskill you get a good faculty, then its interesting. ILP bizskill curriculum is outstanding. "Grooming at its best."

My LG's(learning group, ur joining batch wil be divided into LG based on total strength of joinees) instructor is from South Africa, knows arabic, latin, french, british+american eng. So we had an excllnt cultural+social exchnge. The activities were very interactive.

My batch was lucky enough to get preferred base branch locations(few even changed twice or thrice). This thing doesnt happen to pre-mapped associates. JL is base branch location for min 2 yrs. If premapped u wil get project in ur JL city.

And once you are tagged into a project, you have to stay in it unless the project gets completed or you get released from it due to many reasons (you will later come to know that gradually)

Presently I am in Kolkata Branch.

Projects are of types -

1. Internal

2. External (Client or customer), US, UK, Australia.

ITIS project roles are like -

-server admin
-uss (unix,storage, server)
-process n tools
-command centre
-metro project
-event mgmt + email

ITIS is the only domain which generates constant revenue every fiscal year, its an upcoming domain just like Digital. Exponential growth + huge onsite opportunities.

All The Best for your ILP journey.

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