Saturday, 4 June 2016

Food Facility :

1) Food Court accessible in TEJASWANI building close to CLC. Those who will l get their training in CLC has a better choice going there. You will realize DOMINO’s, Khana Khazana, SUBWAY etc wherever you'll have food of your choice.

2) There are 2 canteens of TCS in each building and foods are offered at affordable price however I can't say you may like it. Eating there was no choice case on behalf of me.

3) People who get their hotels in Kulathoor region, you have SP bakery which can save your life. Maggie, cakes, omlet etc. are out there.

4) Outside TCS peepul Park, you can realize ARYAAS wherever you'll eat all kinds of food.

Trivandrum training center is biggest among all and TCS is planning to open training center in similar city which will have capacity to train 50,000 It professionals every year.

Accommodation in TCS Trivandrum :

Coming to the main point, this can be one of the most effective hostels they need, and nearer to Peepul Park if your ILP is being control there.

The rooms are decent over there and it’s a very calm place. Most importantly the labs are very nearby and you can access them when ever you wish  thats how the ILP head put it

1) Rooms are well supplied with basic provisions like Bedding, Bed sheet, Pillow (with cover), bucket, mug etc and are spacious enough with windows to let some air in.

Moreover your bed sheets, towels are replaced twice every week a minimum of. The bathroom is attached for every room (accommodating 2 persons) with a working shower.

2) Power backup is out there.

3) A provisional store is there close to the hostel entrance that carries everything, yes I mean everything, that you simply would like throughout your keep there, as well as Tata Docomo cellphone connection at special rates.

4) A small documentation shop cum cyber restaurant is additionally there.

5) However if you're a lover of southern dishes you will appreciate it.

6) Near the mess you'll be able to realize television room along side the table tennis and carromboard table.

7) A laundry man visits each other day thus you wish not worry for your clothes.

8) Elevator is there just in case you were unlucky to get a room on top floor i.e. 4th.

9) If you're signed to the bus service, then it visits the Hostel gate to pick you up.

10) There is a temple simply opposite to the Hostel if you're interested.

11) Just in case if you're not feeling the food a lot of, simply need to exit the hostel gate, move to the correct on the road, or better take an autorickshaw to reach the Kazhakottam junction, wherever you'll be able to witness a decent enough market to buy stuff for yourself.

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