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 #Jobber Notification : 

1) Use IE (Internet Explorer) for this National Skills Registry. Although I am not an admirer of IE (in fact I don’t like to use IE – Firefox is always better), IE is better in this case (and I strongly suggest to use IE here).

2). Go to

3). When asked “This page contains both secure and non secure items: Do you want to
display the non secure items?
Choose  YES

4). Almost at the middle see for the “NEW USER?”

Go to the “Register Now” (provided you are registering for the first time or else “Complete your Registration” (provided you already filled up some details and have to fill the rest).

5). After you click “Register Now” a new pop-up window comes (enable pop-up windows for this site)

6). Read the instructions and at the bottom with “I Agree” selected, click “Submit”.

7). Select NSR Registration Requested By “Registering at my own” (You can always change the details later, you don’t need to select anything right now if you are a fresher and if you are presently employed give your employer name and ID. I telephoned Alankits Assignments, they suggested the same thing).

8). Then in the personal information fill up the relevant details.

Mother’s maiden name means “Surname that she used before she was married”. You don’t need to write the full name, only surname is required.

9). Fill up the present address in block letters. Your NSR IT Card will be delivered to this address or else the permanent address (you can choose that later in the steps), so fill it up

10). Fill up the immediate previous address (if any). If you stayed at your present address for more than 1 year, then only you need to fill up this block else this block cannot be filled up.

11). Permanent Address in Block Letter. If it’s the same as the present address then the present address will be reflected back in this block else you need to fill up the permanent

12). Other Personal Information:

Country code for India is 91 (Don’t write + or 0, only the country code).
If you don’t know your country code then you can find it here:

Then write state code i.e. the STD code (Example. For Kolkata it is 33) and then the phone number. For your area’s

STD code look here:

For Mobile Phones only ISD + Your Mobile No. (ex. 91xxxxxxxxxx)

13). Enter your E-mail ID carefully because you IT-PIN will be initially sent to your email.

14). If you have Passport and/or PAN enter the details, else leave the fields blank.

15). Authentication part is the next one. Fill it up. Log in Id can be anything you wish (more 
than 5 letters). There are 2 passwords Log in and Transaction. Password Rules are given there, read that and then set the passwords (passwords cannot start with a number, it must contain one uppercase and one lowercase letter and a number. 

Minimum length is 8 characters and maximum is 15 characters). Two password cannot be same. In short your passwords should be strong passwords.

16). Then press “Save and continue”.

17). Here you will get your Acknowledgment number. Write it down or note it.

18). Then you will have to fill up the education details. If you don’t have any professional certificates, leave them blank. (remember you can always change then later, so don’t worry).

19). If you are not currently employed, then when asked for “Presently employed”… choose “No” (this is what I did because I am a fresher). This will make all the fields inactivate and you can proceed. Else fill up the relevant details.
(Again if you wish you can always change these things later).

20). Choose the card delivery address.

21). Click on “Submit and View”.

22). The details entered by you will be displayed in a single page. Here you can either modify them (in case of errors or if you wish to add something extra) or leave them as they are after re-checking them.

23). Then click on “Continue your registration by doing the payment”.

24). Registration amount will be displayed and you have to choose the payment mode.

25). You can either pay online or at the location of POS (Offices assigned by NASSCOM). I am no-one to suggest anything but still I think payment at POS is a good option because you have to go there to submit your fingerprints, so then you can also pay the fees along with your fingerprints. You can pay by either cash or DD.

26). Now you will get your ITP Web Registration Acknowledgement Form. For so long I suggested you to use IE, now you will find why! If you did the same thing in Mozilla Firefox, then you also get additional address details when there is no address column on the left! so IE is better in this NSR case

27). Print the (ITP Web Registration Acknowledgement Form). If you don’t have a printer with you now right now, then you can always enter your NSR account by going to “New User?” to “Complete your Registration” by entering the Acknowledgment Number & Password and from there on get this acknowledgment form and print it.

28). Then with your photo attached and signature in the form, go to a POS (Point of Service) with the fees and a Photo identity [Voter's Id card / Passport / Driving License / Bank Pass Book (with Photo) /College I card (not more than 1 year old) / PAN card / Employment Identity Card] within 50 days of completing the online registration. The validity of the acknowledgment form is also mentioned in the form itself.

29). The whole process of taking fingerprints takes about 5-7 minutes.

30). After paying the fees and fingerprints, you will get your IT-PIN in a short duration. It will be sent to your email id (the one you provided).

31). You will get your card within 20-30 days. You can check the card status also.

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