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Here are the few frequently asked questions in about ILP in TCS.

1. How long our training classes go on during ILP?
Duration of ILP depends on your stream. For Java, if you got joining after completing tech lounge, it is 40 working days. Else it is 60 working days (Approximately 2 and 3 months respectively)
I'm not sure of other departments, I think it is 60 working days for SAP and 40 working days for .NET. But better wait till someone from that stream comments. They will announce the duration of your ILP on the first day.

2. Are there weekend holidays on Sat-Sundays and National holidays during ILP?
Yeah, Saturday & Sundays are holiday. However, if you want to practice or do some unfinished works, you are free to go. No one will deny you entry.

3. What is the salary/pay scale during ILP months for recruited batch of 2016? Is it same for both 40 & 60 working days training of various streams?
Yes, salary for all the batches are same. For first month, it is 21,534 or around 22k and for second month, you will get 21,534-7,600. For the HRA. And from the third month, it will be 21,534-3800. Since you got your full salary on first month, they will detect twice the HRA for second month.

4. Is there any difference between the salary of trainees who got accommodation and those who haven't ?
If you are not provided accommodation for some reasons, you will receive 21,534 every month during your ILP tenure.

5. Do we have any chance to change our ILP streams, projects ?
No. You don't have any chance. You can apply, request, fight or do whatever you want.. but it is totally up to the HR department and they won't change your stream. But in case of projects after ILP, you will get to choose your projects if you have performed well during your ILP tenure. 

(More than 4 points) but even then you can't keep denying all the projects you get. You must choose something within one month from the end of your ILP. Otherwise, you will get whichever project that's in their hand at the end of the month. It might be the worst of all the choices you got.

6. How to get and change desired base/posting location from allotted base/posting location ?
It totally depends on your luck and the ISU (vertical) you get. For details about ISU, you can Google search or it will be explained in great detail on your first day at ILP. But you can swap with someone who got the same reporting date (with some +/- 14 days) . 

For example if I get Mumbai but I want Bangalore, and you got Bangalore but you want Mumbai and our joining dates are same (not ILP joining date, the base location reporting date ) and if we both belong to Java, we can apply for swapping. Again it depends on the HR to accept or deny the request, but mostly they will accept.

7. What is IRA1 and IRA2? How will it affect my career?
IRA stands for Initial Readiness Assessment. Before you go ahead with your ILP, you have to write IRA1 and IRA2 on First and or second day of your ILP.

IRA1 covers technical modules only. You can ignore know your TCS and business skills. I would suggest you to take it up seriously as I have seen people who are really good at programming and people who got 70+ in ILP internal assessments fail IRA1 twice! If you fail on IRA1, you will be given a second chance. If you fail on second chance too, you will be given a third chance. If you fail to clear IRA1 in three attempts, your ILP will be rescheduled to a later batch. It is not a good thing, because you will loose months in your career.

IRA2 is basically an assessment on your tech lounge. It WILL NOT affect the duration of your ILP. But it will be added to your final assessment score. It wont affect your career, but it is better to prepare and score well, as it MIGHT be a factor for your base location allocation.

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