Sunday, 20 March 2016

Guyzz its time to listen my ILP STORY.....  

Boarded the train to TRIVANDRUM from VISAKHAPATNAM 4 months ago with all the wishes of my parents & friends....was shocked to see my college mate next to me....Never knew wot will happen in the upcoming days..never knew what i would do..never knew wot would be there in the training...Had knowledge about all this but still...It was like future was not in my hands  

Landed at Trivandrum Central..New place..New people..New environment wer it used to rain continuously at KERALA..Got SUNRISE APARTMENTS as my accommodation... Reached there at late night...The accommodation was good..I got the biggest room ova there and my room mate was my college mate..  

With god's blessings stepped into TCS Peepul Park(Main Campus) on the first day...Cleared all the entrances  Got my ID CARD on the 1st day..Bank account..Luckily we got SBI and ICICI..i chose SBI  

"Many people were eager to meet me on the 1st day!! cause every one knew me in the FB group...They thanked me for the help i did to them..I was so happy for that..  But became sad after a moment cause i came to know .NET people should go to other campus which is C.L.C Campus.. 

Ours was the 1st EILP(E-learning batch) which is Video Learning.......New building new canteen ..  Everything was good...Got to know my LG(Learning Group) mates... 35 members...They are from different places...They are from different cultures..different environment...but still We became close friends.. We never knew whats this learning process...We struggled a lot..We helped each other a lot.... 

Finally that day came where we had to leave...   where we had to miss each other..We enjoyed weekends at Varkala beach, Kovalam beach, Thumba beach, Kochi(Wonderla), Rameswaram, Kanyakumari....  

Soooo these all were the best moments of my LIFE..Miss doz 35 people..miss those 200 people..miss those people of different batches who thanked me at Trivandrum.. Miss you 

Trivandrum..Miss u KERALA..  Thank u for doz Wonderful memories and moments... and finally reached my Base Location BANGALORE and now into a development Project in .NET with the blessings of all of you people.  

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