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Hello Everyone, Greetings of the day for the people who are reading this.
My name is Satish and i am from Visakhapatnam,AndhraPradesh. My ILP tenure is from Feb 5th 2016 to April 29th 2016.

I want to share my experiences and suggestions on ILP@Ahmedabad. This is one of the best ILP center, believe me you will come out of ILP with lots of memories.

Coming to the technical batches, they divide a batch of trainees in to LG’s(Learning groups) based on there respective domains. The domains are Java,Oracle,SAP,.NET, there are two places for training one is Tower-3 at Infocity and Garima Park, both are nearby walk able distance. 

On very first day you have to report at Tower-3, Auditorium. At Auditorium on First Day:

1.HR will verify our documents

2.IRA1 & IRA2 exams will be conducted

3.They will take photos for our Smart cards

4.Please carry passport size photographs with you minimum 10, and don’t carry any media like pen drives, hard disks with you they are strictly prohibited.

5.They will divide us according to our domains and ask us to report the next day at our respective places i.e Tower-3 Or Garima Park

Maximum Java and .Net will be placed at Garima Park remaining people will be in Tower-3.

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(i) Technical:

1.For Java the training is hard, but one can manage if he/she kepp some effort. Believe me you have to attend many tests like PS1, PS2, IM, Servlets, Struts, Hibernate and a project. But don’t take tension everything will be fine

2..Net is also same as java but some what better

3.SAP is like heaven, no exams nothing only Presentations. One who get SAP can enjoy a lot. But SAP Abab will have exams.

4.Oracle is medium, if you keep a little effort you can clear it.

(ii) Business Skills:
The main thing which is common for every batch is “BUSINESS SKILLS” most important and take care while doing this on the very 2nd you may asked to write on a topic and next Bizz lead will ask to give a talk on a topic in front of a camera. Guys take it serious, if you clear this, you will be put in to “Remedial” it may lead to “LAP” also LAP means extension of training period for 20 days. So please clear at first attempt… Bizz Classes are very important.

Remedial & LAP (Applicable for both Technical & BIZZ):
Remedial is given to a trainee who did not performed well in the technical and bizz. For technical if you are in remedial you have to give the exam again in which you are failed, sometimes you have to give VIVA also.

If you found still not clearing the remedial then you will be put into LAP. LAP means extra period of training give to associates who are in LAP, that means after your training period (3 or 2 months) you have stay there for extra 20 days and they will not provide you accommodation.

In technical skills there is a less chance of getting in to LAP maximum one can clear in Remedial itself. But in Bizz skills LAP is common like they will give it to at least one person in a LG. So be careful with Bizz Skills.

2BHK, 4 people in one flat.
Boys: Before it used to be at madhuram greens but now it is at Vedika Happy Valley, they will provide us beds with a nice cushioned mattress, Cupboards and attached bathrooms. Bus facility will be given to all the associates from hostel to office
Girls: It is at infocity only, i.e studio apartments, it is walk able distance from both offices.
Timing: You should be in the hostel before 10 PM , timing are very perfect. Very strict environment with security guards. Morning you can go out after 6 AM.

You can play Table Tennis at your hostel accommodation.

At office you can play Volley ball, Shuttle. For cricket you can go to local grounds on weekends but you should have your own kits and team to play.
There is Gym facility for people who got Garima Park as their training location, for tower-3 people there is no Gym facility and you cannot enter into Garima Park because it a SEZ(Special Economical Zone) you need a SEZ pass to enter.
One of the best place to explore Gujarat. Guys seriously don’t even waste a single weekend explore Gujarat. Here are some suggestions.

Places to visit: Inside Gandinagar & Ahmedabad- Akhardham(Water laser show), Indroda Zoo, Gandhi mandhir, Step well temple, Alpha one mall, Sabarmathi ashram, Sabarmathi river front, Kankaria Lake, Lal dharwaja.

Outside Gandhinagar- Great ran of Kutch, Kala Dhungra, Mandhvi Beach, Dwaraka, Nageshwar Jyothirlingam, Somanath Jyothirlingam, Daman & DIU, Gir Forest, Polo forest.

Rajasthan- Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Mt Abu.
There is a private travels at infocity i.e “Virat Travels” one only best travels for all trips. All you need is to make group of minimum 30 or more and name the place he will give the package. Bargain with him for reduction of price and also ask for complimentary. he will ask for head price and arranges bus, hotels, and food in my some trips. guys you will get a lot of fun while trips, you can explore new places, new foods, new people and culture.
For going trips one have to apply weekend leave on your ILP site, timings are very important.

Garima Park food is good, and we have many food stalls at infocity which are very good and reasonable price. Hotels where you get a nice food are:
Paratha factory, Mr.Idly, Raj Bhojanalai, Chennai Kitchen, Biriyani House, Dawath, Sardar(Famous for Chicken Biriyani), Sam’s Pizza, Matharani…..etc….
All are for reasonable prices 50/60 unlimited meal. There are many restaurants to have different kind of foods. guys you are in Gujarat, you get non veg at limited places and in every curry they mix sweet. People from south will suffer for few for adjusting that sweet mixed food. But you still get our food at INFOCITY.
In sector 16 you get lot of veg food.

You will not find buses often in gandhinagar, because we don’t know the routes. UBER is best in gandhinagar, better than auto. Auto wala charges a lot.
Please mind the routes, because all roads are similar in gandhinagar because it was planned and built city.
For trips use Virat & Gayathri Travels, they offer you with best packages.

You can find different people from different places all over India sitting at one place, make friends quickly all will be very nice. Don’t quarrel with any one, really you will find best people over there. Mingle with all, mainly with your Lg mates, they will give a life full of memories. 

Don’t worry if you are from NON CS background there your co trainees will help you a lot, training is all about sharing knowledge at TCS, there you can become best buddies too. Literally you will cry when you leave the ILP, that many memories you will pack in your life.

1. Dry state don’t try to drink the alcohol which you get in black, if once you are caught literally you will be fired out of TCS. If you still want drink then go to DIU you will get lot of brands at very cheap price because it is an Union territory.

2. Don’t do any violating things at hostel, they will take it very serious actions.
Spend your salary very smartly, you will get a less salary. Maximum spend on trips it’s worthy.

3. You will get less salary during training period because they will deduct money for providing accommodation. So spend your accordingly.
If any one concerned about base location, please submit the medical documents of your parents if there on the first day itself. otherwise if you get other base location, they will not change at all, there is no use if you submit any doccuments after the release of your base locations.

4. Don’t carry any media like pen drives, hard disks with you they are strictly prohibited.

5. Don’t try to take photos in the TCS premises, photography is strictly prohibited. If you caught guilty, you will be fired out no other discussions.

All the best for the people who got their ILP at Ahmedabad. Have fun…… Pack lot of memories in your life

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Experience #2

This information is based on students who took training in ILP Ahmedabad which started in July 2016. This contains some small yet important details which weren't discussed before.

IRA 1/IRA 2:

IRA 1 would be based on questions from aspire. There won't be negative marking. Cut off for passing will be around 50%. IF you fail this, there will be re exam in a week.If you fail that also you will be admitted into LAP. 

Don't worry about rescheduling. IRA 2 would be based on Tech Lounge and there will be negative marking, It doesn't have a impact on Rescheduling. This will be considered at the end of ILP training which I think would a negligible factor.

WIFI facility:

We can avail wifi facility. It is around Rs 800/month and extra 200 if you want to share between two devices. Tata photon has good signal in hostel(in case you want high speed net). But people say that you dont find much time to use internet.


The first two days are allotted for documentation. Don't worry too much about documentation because some of the unimportant documents can be given later if not on first day.


The food is not too good nor too bad. TCS hostel canteen is a small one which sells meals(Don't expect a food court). We usually find Poha in nearby canteens as breakfast. People who like non veg need to get adjusted as non veg is not so good. There is a subway in TCS. 

We can also go to some fast food centers which are located at Ahmedabad(20KM) away from our hostel. Pickle lovers can bring pickles(These are not officially allowed. So bring at your own risk). There are many canteens in our vicinity which are reasonably good. We can have lunch at canteen in TCS.


There will be buses running from Hostel to TCS both in the morning and evening. We can avail this for free of cost.


Accommodation can be availed 3 days before joining. Hostel rooms are good with TV facility. Room cleaning/bed sheet washing will be done atl east once in a week. There will be no hooks to hang our clothes. 

Its better if u can get some hangers or some stickers with hooks available at markets(These can be purchased at Ahmedabad also). If possible bring mosquito mats/coils. Hostel dhobi is not good it seems. There is a dhobi nearby hostel. He charges Rs10/piece.


Don't bring too many shirts(full hands) because once we get posted we can wear half hands shirts also. People with sensitive skin, consult your skin specialists because I heard that we are prone to skin rashes here. 

There is a hospital nearby and there is also a doctor in our office(the medicals expenses incurred will be reimbursed if we consult our in-office doctor).

Experience #2

I have joined my ILP at Ahmedabad on 14th July 2016. Inspite of many doubts from many of my friends and peers, I am posting this. 

1. On the first 3 days of our joining we were put into lots of induction programs and videos and some interactive sessions. 

2. Most important thing on day 1 was the certificate verification. Apart from all our academic originals, service agreement, passport, PAN and NSR are to be submitted accurately. 

3. On 4th day,IRA1 and IRA2 were conducted. IRA1 is completely on basics and the questions were not exactly the same from aspire. 

4. If we don't clear IRA1, we would be put into remedial and retest would be conducted. To say about the process of training, there are ample of tests to be cleared, remedial and all. 

5. Coming to the period of training, it is of 40 working days for Java and .Net, 48 for SAP and 60 for oracle. If you are in LAP by the end of training, 20 more days would be extended(10 for each technical and bizskills). 

6. Finally base locations were allocated till 29th June batch. Mostly Mumbai(for Java), Kolkata, Bhuvneshwar etc.., irrespective of our 3 preferred locations. 

7. And there are shifts as well. Morning 7 to 2 or evening 2 to 9. General shift is from 8 to 6.

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