Thursday, 3 November 2016

 #Jobber Notification : 

Batching criteria adopted for 2016 :

November Batching

Please note that Oracle (Entsol) - no requirements is applicable for only November batching cycle.

Techlounge Stream   Stream Cut off
.NET 3657
Assurance 1195
Oracle        No Requirements
SAP           759
Unix / C++1360

Joining ILP :

Upon joining ILP, you will be taking up the Initial Readiness Tests(1 & 2) that is based on Aspire and tech Lounge content.

Preparing well on Aspire and Tech Lounge assigned will be the key to doing well in IRA.

Students whose performance at IRA tests conducted at ILP at the date of your joining is found to be below the set of standards will be asked to leave ILP and their joining will be rescheduled.

If you have any doubt regarding TCS ILP, you can post your queries in Career Guru Portal of Jobber App.

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