Wednesday, 30 September 2015

 #Jobber Notification : 

The Joining letters for IT for the month of October 2015 have been released as on 29-September-2015 The aspire cut off score used for arriving at the leader board for September batch is 3596 miles which is in line with our business requirements. 

Tech lounge access for the students who are batched will be provided on 30-September-2015. To redo a course and improve upon the current Aspire score, students may make use of the "Reset Functionality" available in Aspire.

The next cut off date is 15-October-2015, 8:00 AM

Note: The Reset functionality will be available for students only if they have completed at least one quiz before the previous deadline i.e. 21-September-2015 

Aspire continues to be your opportunity and window to a participatory early on-boarding in TCS in the coming months. So, keep scoring your miles and join us fast ! 

For the attention of students who have been batched to join TCS in the month of Nov- 2015 

1) Complete Aspire courses :

In case you have not completed Aspire course modules, please complete them at the earliest. Reset option is not applicable for you. 

2) Tech Lounge Courses :

Commence learning on Tech Lounges and make sure your preparation on Tech Lounges is good. Participate actively in the sessions conducted by the ILP team in Tech Lounges. 

You can access Tech Lounge content directly irrespective of your Aspire completion status 

Webinar sessions have been arranged to explain Tech Lounge course concepts. They aim at making you to understand and gain confidence. Be active and participate in the webinar sessions. 

3) Joining ILP :

Upon joining ILP, you will be taking up the Initial Readiness Tests(1 & 2) that is based on Aspire and tech Lounge content.

Preparing well on Aspire and Tech Lounge assigned will be the key to doing well in IRA.

Students whose performance at IRA tests conducted at ILP at the date of your joining is found to be below the set of standards will be asked to leave ILP and their joining will be rescheduled.

Note : Webinar session have been arranged  to explain Tech Lounge course concepts. they aim at making you to understand and gain confidence. be active and participate in the webinar session.

If you have any doubt regarding stream selection, you can post your queries in Career Guru Portal of Jobber App.

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