Wednesday, 3 August 2016

 #Jobber Notification : 

We have outlined the criteria adopted for batching students for September month.

1. IT Stream :

Greetings! We are happy to announce the release of the next round of the batching letters for the IT stream of 2016 graduates, whose on boarding is scheduled for September 2016.

The leader board for September 2016 joining has been arrived at basis business requirements and your performance in Tech Lounge

Your Tech Lounge scores & completion status as on the 25th of July - 10:00 AM was taken as is and was used as the basis for arriving at the leaderboard

(Please refer to the below stream wise cut off scores)

We will keep you updated on the availability of Reset functionality on Tech Lounges. This is with reference to the August month batching.

Aspire and Tech lounges continues to be your opportunity and window to a participatory early on-boarding in TCS. So, keep scoring your miles and join us fast!

1. Business Critical Batching:

We are committed to evolve our processes to drive positive changes and we are happy to inform you that with effect from August 2016, we will have one more category of batching called the Business Critical Batching.

This would be purely for the students who were the toppers from Code Vita and similar flagship contests and were hired by TCS. For this category, we may reduce the Aspire & Techlounge cut off for on-boarding.

2. EIS Stream

The joining letters for EIS stream for September 2016 would be released shortly. Please keep checking your mails and campus commune for more information.

Techlounge Stream   Stream Cut off
.NET 3342
Assurance 1086
Oracle        1350
SAP           736
Unix / C++1254

Joining ILP :

Upon joining ILP, you will be taking up the Initial Readiness Tests(1 & 2) that is based on Aspire and tech Lounge content.

Preparing well on Aspire and Tech Lounge assigned will be the key to doing well in IRA.

Students whose performance at IRA tests conducted at ILP at the date of your joining is found to be below the set of standards will be asked to leave ILP and their joining will be rescheduled.

Note : Webinar session have been arranged  to explain Tech Lounge course concepts. they aim at making you to understand and gain confidence. be active and participate in the webinar session.

If you have any doubt regarding stream selection, you can post your queries in Career Guru Portal of Jobber App.

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