Friday, 22 July 2016

 #Jobber Notification : 

Please find the below Tech lounge cut off date (For IT Stream) and Aspire cut off date (for IT IS Stream) that would be considered to release joining letters for the given batching cycle.

We hope that this would help you to plan your learning module completion accordingly.

Cheers and All the Best 

The proposed schedule for IT Stream - Batching

Techlounge Cut Off Date for IT Stream         Expected joining Month

1. 25-Jul-16                            ------            September 2016

2. 22-Aug-16                           ------           October 2016

3. 19-Sep-16                           ------           November 2016

4. 24-Oct-16                           ------           December 2016

5. 21-Nov-16                           ------          January, February, March 2017

The proposed schedule for ITIS Stream - Batching

Aspire Cut Off Date for IT IS Stream          Expected joining Month

1. 25-Jul-16                            ------         September 2016

2. 22-Aug-16                           ------        October 2016

3. 19-Sep-16                           ------         November 2016

4. 24-Oct-16                           ------          December 2016

5. 21-Nov-16                           ------         January, February, March 2017

Now that this information is available, queries on batching schedule/updates etc will not be responded to on the CC helpline

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