Thursday, 1 October 2015

 #Jobber Notification : 

The information concerning individuals being sent back from ILPs has spread like a Lightening current and jolted you all.

It has caused severe panic and mass concern among you all, that is comprehensible, because nobody will ever even dream of being sent back packing in their wildest of nightmares !!!

Talking of Trivandrum ILP, build one thing very positive and keep it saved somewhere down in your mind , that you will having the sternest of tests in Trivandrum and you may be taken to the cleaners on each accord.

You will stretched on the far side the bounds and would be vowed or compelled to perform to your better of your skills.

Be it your time punctuality, proper dressing, weekly tests, or whatever, you may have to be compelled to follow their guidelines.

All said, the on top of aren't meant to scare you however affirmative, its about creating you responsive to the happenings and what stuff you may come across, and realize the "Ground reality" .

All higher than are simply strictly followed since TCS Trivandrum Center is strictly supposed at providing coaching to freshers only, that is their primary job and their objective is turn out high trained quality professionals .

As you are aware, they are causation back the Joinees supported the score of IRA.
Please note that, they are not terminating or scraping your "OFFER LETTER". Its simply that they need you to perform well and take up your shoot for seriously.

The term has been misinterpreted, its not termination, its known as "Postponement" or "Rescheduling" . If you don't perform upto their expectation level, than your ILP are rescheduled at a latter date.

But my question is, Why let them give that possibility ???

Why not you all can prepare yourself therefore well that, that scenario might not even arise or ensue. Why shouldn't you retain diffuse nebula in your hand instead of giving the management to them.

Please embolden and restrict your seat belts, and from currently forrader, give a persist the shoot for modules.

The IRA questions will doubtless be supported the shoot for modules, therefore prepare well from those modules itself, not thanks to the concern of being sent back, however as a result of I know this job matters plenty to several, though there are people that produce other alternatives, therefore take this as a begin of the career and depend upon your skills and do not let this chance slip , and let it explode your hand.

The ball is in your court and build the simplest of it, therefore give it your best and prepare well.

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